Here you can see all our products. If you’re looking for something to start with, we’d suggest our Rainbows and Sunshine music album of 15 fun and catchy songs. Ideal for children from birth upwards – there’s something in each song for every age group.

Or one of our signature sets which contains a book, the matching song, 2 matching videos which bring the book to life, and toys for the characters.

“Black and White Cow 6 Piece Set” or “Toodle Toodely Doo 11 Piece Set” are two highly recommended.

You can add to the collection over time if you wish, as all the products tie in together and complement each other.

LOOKING FOR A NEWBORN PRESENT? “Black and White Cow” is very popular – the book and song can be used from birth. And if you choose to get the matching cow and videos these are accompanying products that will grow with the child and greatly enhance the experience of the book and song in coming years.

LOOKING FOR AN IDEAL PRESENT FOR A 3 – 7 YEAR OLD? The “Toodle Toodely Doo” book and song is much loved and, combined with the 6 character finger puppets and/or matching videos, children have an all-round sensory experience that is fun, encourages imagination, creativity and development!

And if you’re looking for individual books with songs, videos, songs, or toys, everything is available separately too. Each product can be previewed here and of course your purchased products will be free of advertisements!

Our entertaining and educational products are ideally placed for the 0 to 7 year age group.