Get ready to groove and learn with Rainbows and Sunshine's Alphabet Dance videos! 

Bop your way through the ABCs with our funky and educational dance routines! From A to Z, we've got moves that'll make learning the alphabet a blast!

 Jump up high for the letter J, stamp your feet for the letter S, turn around for T, and giggle a little bit then touch your shoe for G! Every letter has its own unique action that'll have your little ones laughing and learning at the same time!

With a catchy tune and easy-to-follow steps, our Alphabet Dance videos are perfect for preschoolers and young learners. Whether you're in the classroom or at home, join the fun and dance your way to alphabet mastery!

Plus, with colourful animations and vibrant characters, each video is a visual feast that'll spark creativity and imagination in every child.

It's more than just dancing—it's an adventure through the alphabet! So come on, let's dance, laugh, and learn with Rainbows and Sunshine! Check out our Alphabet Dance videos today and let the fun begin! 

There are 2 videos to choose from - our ‘Original’  and another, our ‘Singalong Version’ that shows the lyrics on the screen at the same time as the song's soundtrack. 

Click on the PLAY button in the middle of each image to watch them. You can also find these song-videos on our YouTube Channel Rainbows and Sunshine Kids Music.


"THE ALPHABET DANCE" VIDEO - also has the lyrics on the screen

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