1. Ten in the Bed

From the recording Rainbows and Sunshine

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🎶🛏️ Dive into a delightful musical adventure with Rainbows and Sunshine's rendition of the timeless classic "Ten in the Bed"! 🛏️🎶

Join a colourful cast of characters – including a cow, giraffe, panda, pink pig, white sheep, mouse, little dog, monkey, green frog, and yellow duck – as they embark on a rollicking bedtime journey like no other. With each playful verse, another cuddly critter tumbles out of bed, making room for more mischief and merriment in the next verse.

As the animals squish, roll, bounce, hop, and waddle over, they share cheeky comments and playful banter that will keep your littles laughing. From the cow's hearty "moo-ve over!" to the frog's mischievous “hop over”, each character adds their own unique charm to this beloved tale.

With its catchy melody and engaging original lyrics, this version of "Ten in the Bed" is the perfect song to sing along with your little ones before bedtime or during playtime. Let Rainbows and Sunshine's irresistible energy and playful spirit ignite your imagination and fill your heart with joy.

Join in the fun and grab the chance to experience the magic of "Ten in the Bed" with Rainbows and Sunshine – a timeless favourite that promises laughter, smiles, and endless entertainment for the whole family. Get ready for a bedtime adventure like no other! 🌈🐾


There were 10 in the bed and the big cow said
“Mooov over, mooov over”. So they all moved over and the giraffe fell out.
“Never argue with a cow!”

There were 9 in the bed and the panda said
“Roll over, roll over”. So they all rolled over and the cow fell out.
“And gave a little shout!”

There were 8 in the bed and the pink pig said
“Trot over, trot over”. So they all trotted over and the panda fell out.
“Mmmmm. There’s too many animals in here!”

There were 7 in the bed and the white sheep said
“Baaa over, baaa over”. So, they all baaa-ed over and the pig fell out.
“Oooo, I’m totally squished.”

There were 6 in the bed and the little mouse said
“Squish over, squish over”. So they all squished over and the sheep fell out.
“Well I’m not having a baaa of you being in the bed.”

There were 5 in the bed and the little dog said
“Bounce over, bounce over”. So they all bounced over and the mouse fell out.
“Mmmm kind of bouncy in here.”

There were 4 in the bed and the monkey said
“Swing over, swing over”. So they all swung over and the dog fell out.
“Well there goes the noisy one!”

There were 3 in the bed and the green frog said “Hop over, hop over”.
So they all hopped over and the monkey fell out.
“Ha ha ha, that’ll teach him for monkeying around!"

There were 2 in the bed and the yellow duck said
“Waddle over, waddle over”. So they all waddled over and the frog fell out.
“Ha ha, I bet he’s hopping mad!”

There was one in the bed and the little duck said “I’m lonely, I’m lonely".
So the others jumped back into the bed.
They were happy animals in the bed. Happy animals in the bed.

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