Children Songs | Nursery Rhymes, All the Traditional Favorites

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  • Fifteen fun, popular kids’ songs
  • Nursery rhymes, favourites
  • Original story-songs
  • Singalongs, action and dance songs and music
  • Themes – 

Animals, colours, clothes, car, bus, boat, the alphabet, letters, numbers, learning about musical instruments, learning “hello” in other languages

  • Fun, engaging and educational

Complete Matching Package Sets of Books, Songs, Videos & Characters Toys

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                    OUR PRODUCTS ~

  • Books (24 pages) with songs (CD & downloadable mp3)
  • Accompanying videos on YouTube, and also available to purchase
  • Character toys to match
  • 15 songs on CD and downloadable album, and on streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify
  • Available separately or as 2 complete sets.
  • Fun, entertaining and educational!



  • The “Black and White Cow” 6 product complete set comes with:
  • Book, song CD & mp3 song download
  • 2 videos (1 original version and 1 with the singalong lyrics)
  • Cuddly soft plush toy cow to match the central character.
  • The “Toodle Toodely Doo” 11 product complete set comes with:
  • Book, song CD, mp3 song download
  • 2 videos (1 original and 1 singalong, lyrics)
  • 6 very cute finger puppets that match the characters who come to say “hello” in various languages during the song!

3D Animated High Definition Videos With Sing-Along-Songs and Characters

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Fun high definition 3D animated videos feature catchy songs, lovable characters and bring the stories in the books and songs to life! Also available are 3D video sing-along versions which have the lyrics onscreen.

The videos engage children and teach many concepts such as simple words in foreign languages, colours, numbers, counting, clothes, etc. They enhance the entire sensory experience by providing auditory and visual stimulation and encourage imagination, language, learning, cognition, motor skills, co-ordination, listening, following cues, participation, creativity, and much more!

Hardcopy books with the songs included, and toys such as “Moooo” the soft plush cow, and finger puppets match the videos giving many hours of educational and creative fun!

See BOOKS and TOYS for the complete matching sets which come with 2 videos, the book, song CD and mp3 song download, and accompanying toys to the characters.


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Rainbows and Sunshine produces quality children’s entertainment: Animated song videos, matching books and toys and a self-titled album of 17 engaging songs. Kid’s favourites, dances, nursery rhymes and song-stories entertain and educate.

Every purchase of Rainbows and Sunshine books, videos, songs and toys, including those through this website, Amazon or iTunes provides funds for books to be printed (with song CDs included) and gifted to disadvantaged or sick children and the organisations/health and community facilities that care for them.

Already since publication of the first book/CD, and release of the accompanying video and plush toy cow for “Black and White Cow” in late December 2016, book donations have been made to the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne), Ronald McDonald House (Parkville, Victoria), Toy and Book Libraries in general community and disadvantaged areas, Community Centres, homeless and disadvantaged children via a Church outreach program (Queensland), kindergartens, Isolated School Education (N.T.), The Pyjama Foundation, etc.

To all those who are following us, subscribing or purchasing the Rainbows and Sunshine products – we thank you for your support of this very worthwhile program.