Play and Learn with “Toodle Toodely Doo”


Toodle Toodely Doo is a great song, book and video for teaching children some foreign languages – the animals introduce these concepts in a fun, involving way!

This song is perfect as an action song. The children characters in the video demonstrate the actions so everyone can copy them! Of course…. there’s always room for your own creativity so have fun with it!

Book and Song

There is a 24 page colourful book -with the song included inside – so the book can be read or sung with, right from newborn age! There are lots of things you can discuss with this story as the children bring the animals into their house and playground, limited only by their (and your) creativity and imagination! For example…Can you stand like the duck in this picture? How do you think he would move? How many colours can you see? (Ask them to name them as they count them). There are some funny shapes in this book – what can you find? Can you say the words in the book that mean “hello” in other languages? How many things can you see on….. (for example, the wall or the shelf), or peeking out of the house?

In the parts where the song lyrics are about the animals, kids can create hand actions to represent the animals. For example, the duck can be hands that “quack” in front of you, the cow has “horns” using a finger on either side of the top of your head. Or the children can pretend to be the animals in the song in those parts.

Link to the set: Toodle Toodely Doo Book and Song

Finger Puppets

We also have finger puppets to go with the animal characters in Toodle Toodely Doo book, song and video. They are super cute and are of a high quality too.

From around 3 years onwards, the finger puppets representing these familiar and recurring story-characters add a further dimension through play, simultaneously encouraging learning in the areas of hands-on creative play, imagination, story-telling, language skills, social interaction, fine and gross motor skills, kinaesthetic skills and facilitating the tactile senses.

Children will explore many ways to use these puppets in their world, limited only by their (and your) imagination. You can encourage your kids to use the puppets while the story is being sung or read, or while they watch the video, or re-create the story themselves later with the animal finger puppets! These animals can move, “quack” or jump as they appear in the song, video or book. The animals are: duck, frog, fish, sheep, panda and cow.

Link to the finger puppets: Set of 6 animal finger puppets


The matching animated Toodle Toodely Doo videos bring these books and songs to life, underpinned by the song.

These videos encourage skills of following cues, music, language and speech, imagination, creativity and story-telling, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, music, language and speech through interactive involvement, and the senses of sight, hearing, movement, and kinaesthetic development – learning through following cues and instructions, and doing.

For early readers and parents, additional videos have the lyrics to the songs across the screen. And the “hands on” finger puppets are now also integrated into the theme in a connected, interactive form through kid’s play.

After the children have listened to the song, or watched the animated video, ask them if they remember the French word for “hello”, or the Japanese word for “hello” said by the fish (Ohayo), the Spanish word said by the sheep (Hola), the Maori word said by the sheep (Kia Ora) or “Hola” for the international version of this video and song, the Chinese word said by the panda (Ni hao). Also ask what the duck and cow say? The two versions of the video enable you to choose whichever one prefer – one is done for kids in Australia and New Zealand (it uses Kia Ora) and an international version for kids outside Australia and New Zealand (this uses Hola instead of the Maori word Kia Ora).

Follow up with discussion questions like “Where did the children put the frog/fish/bath/panda/cow?”, “Where did the duck go?”, “There’s lots of animals in the zoo at the end…… what did you see?”, “There’s one animal in the zoo that’s wearing pyjamas – did you see what that was?”

After the book was released, the finger puppets were produced, so there is now like Black and White Cow, a complete matching set of products available – a book with CD and mp3 song download, videos (some have sing-along lyrics), and 6 matching animal finger puppets, making this set unique in the marketplace. They are very popular as gift sets for children. The book is great for all aged children with an interest in animals and story books, including babies, and the finger puppets are well suited to children aged from around 2 or 3 years.

Link to the Toodle Toodely Doo Video without the lyrics on the screen: CLICK HERE
Link to the Toodle Toodely Doo Video WITH the lyrics on the screen: CLICK HERE

An Educational, Fun ‘Play and Learn’ Experience

Everything is designed for the child to grow with this fun-based sequential learning using the multi-sensory, matching themed product, introduced at the appropriate developmental stage. The combination of the hands-on product, integrated with digital product, means that children can explore their own creativity and imagination for ongoing brain stimulation, develop the varied senses and build neural pathways for cognition. This is a full integration of how a child can play and learn with a product using all forms of media – something that is relevant to today’s families.

The unique thing about this set is that it brings “traditional” play products such as books, interactive songs and experiential toys into the digital age through an integration of hands-on products such as the book and finger puppets, and complementing digital material such as the song and videos. It is this combination that reflects current relevance, and the expectations, learning styles, engagement and reality of parents and children now. It is an all-round, multi-faceted, diverse media, total sensory awareness, educational and developmental fun approach.

The complete sensory experience is also available in a Toodle Toodely Doo 11 Product Set- you can see it HERE.

And click here HERE for a preview of the book (with the song included)!