Music Ideas for Parents, Playgroups, Kindergartens, Groups, Learning Centres, etc. – Black & White Cow


Encouraging music with young children in a group is such fun! This is a song and book about a happy and contented cow on a farm by a lake. Here are ideas for using the books and videos in the group……Start by reading the book to the children so they have an idea of the story, at a slower pace than the video, then talk about what they saw in the book and what the characters did. Pace this at the children’s development level.

Questions you can ask about the book

You could ask “What shapes do you see on this page?”, or “Where is the butterfly?” (hint….. Betty the Butterfly is hidden on every page!) After reading “Black and White Cow”….. “What other animals did you see in the book, what sort of things happened to the cow, what came after the mosquito, or what came after the part where it said she had a big voice.”

Because it’s a cumulative word story it’s fun for the children to guess what comes next, before you turn the page!

Using the video

After the book play the video for the children to watch and they can be encouraged to do actions – either they make up their own, or they follow your actions, or follow the cow’s actions! It’s especially fun if you have a cape (or a few!) with a black and white pattern so the little ones pretend to be “Moooo”, the cow in the song. Cow puppets or cow toys  for the children to use while they are watching the video or reading the book also encourages their creativity.

You can also use the song by itself in the same way, just as audio. This really lends itself to developing creativity in children as they start to invent their own way of putting actions to the songs.

The complete sensory experience is now available for “Black and White Cow” – check it out HERE.

And click here HERE for a preview of the book (with the song included)!