Beep Jeep

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Starring in his own animated song-video, Beep Jeep is a little car who wanted a name and but then started to change to become a unique little car with feet instead of wheels, beachballs instead of mirrors, an umbrella for a roof, and a donut steering wheel! He met lots of friends along the way – some that you already know, like the duck and the sheep and some new friends…. a giraffe and a mouse in a mushroom hut.

Set to catchy rock music with beautiful harmonies kids love this musical arrangement and the funny videos. This song inspires imagination and creativity in children! There is an original version and a singalong version of the video with the lyrics on the screen, as well as the song mp3 download. Beep Beep Beep, down the street…. Beep Jeep!

Click to see the videos here!