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Click on the play button in the centre of the image below to preview Your Clothes Singalong Video. When you buy the video, your purchased copy will be free of ads and you can play it anytime, offline! And you’re supporting children-in-need with our donation program of books, music, videos, toys and songs.

Where do clothes belong on you? Do your trousers go on your head? Or your gloves on your feet? That’s funny! Kids think it’s hilarious when you talk about putting their clothes on differently and that’s just what this song is about!

Appealing, teaching colours too, parts of the body and singing about clothing, this video has the lyrics on-screen to help grown-ups and children who can read to follow the words! The monkey band in Your Clothes is comical! Watch carefully for all the funny antics they get up to such as tying shoelaces together, tossing shoes, socks down the tuba mouth, etc.! They are very naughty! And this original soundtrack is a favourite with children. The video is available with or without the on-screen, sing-along lyrics.

Your purchased copy of this video does not contain advertisements and we should mention that your purchase has all the proceeds going to our community book donation program. We not only appreciate your support through purchases of our products but it’s a generous gesture, which we love, when you follow and share us on Instagram or Facebook!

A fun fact…

Did you know also that the five green monkeys in the band have their own videos, including a singalong version with the lyrics onscreen, called FIVE GREEN MONKEYS.

And the children characters in Your Clothes have their own videos too – the TOODLE TOODELY DOO series. You can see the one of these videos by clicking the image below.

Happy singing and watching with Rainbows and Sunshine!