Your Clothes SONG: Videos also available




The Your Clothes song is engaging and humorous with upbeat, funny music teaching about colours and parts of clothing! Children often laugh about whether their shirt goes on their feet, or trousers go on their head…. and this song is all about putting clothes on the wrong way! Do socks really go on your head?

Little ones love this funny musical arrangement of our original song – it even has spoon playing in parts! Great for developing listening skills too.

We have both the mp3 song download available to purchase from our website or iTunes, and 2 videos which have 3D animation and the song as the soundtrack. One of the videos is a singalong version and so has the lyrics onscreen to follow! Great for parents!

The cute musical band of green monkeys in the video play the tuba, accordion, piano, drums and the spoons and you can hear these instruments in the mp3 song and the video song! The monkeys are captivating to little songsters! This song is educational for very little ones learning colours, parts of the body, and pieces of clothing and is great entertainment for older children. This is an original story-song with a comical twist at the end!

Below is the singalong video with the mp3 song soundtrack. You can purchase the soundtrack by itself ($1.99) or the video as either an original or singalong version for $3.90. Or the “Rainbows and Sunshine” album of 15 songs which is 51 minutes of learning, fun, and a wide variety of music styles to sing and move with!


Check out our other videos here……ANIMATED VIDEOS FOR CHILDREN  Did you know also that these monkeys have their own song and videos called Five Green Monkeys! You can see one here: FIVE GREEN MONKEYS. 

Five Green Monkeys children's counting video

Five Green Monkeys Video $3.90. Also available in a singalong version.

The children characters in Your Clothes, Toodle and Doo, also appear in their own videos. You can see the singalong version of one here: TOODLE TOODELY DOO.

Happy singing of Your Clothes with the five green monkeys and our children characters Toodle and Doo!