Wide Mouth Frog SONG – Funny Joke about a Frog



Originally a joke, Rainbows and Sunshine has taken the story and set it to music! So it’s a funny song-story about a wide mouth frog who goes out to meet some animals friends to find out what they like to eat. They answer in their peculiar individual voices and the animal sound effects are very cute! Great for developing imagination and creativity in children as the cues are all auditory!

This is an original and captivating musical arrangement that keeps children’s attention. With lots of different voices and sound effects, this song tells a story and has be surprise twist at the end….. listen for it! Designed to capture the imagination of children, these quality music arrangements tell stories and allow children to build pictures in their mind – it’s both educational and fun! And adults love this too!

Wide Mouth Frog is only one of many original and traditional nursery rhyme songs produced by, and available for purchase from, Rainbows and Sunshine through our website and iTunes. To see others go to the menu SONGS but also check out our album of 15 songs

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