• 11 Products! Book, CD, 2 Videos, 6 Finger Puppets & mp3 Song PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Free shipping within Australia and N.Z. and low cost international shipping for a limited time!  The complete 11 Toodle product set at a really great price. The fun children’s book plus TWO matching animation videos (one is a singalong version with the lyrics onscreen) and SIX finger puppets that match the six animals in the song! And of course you also get the song CD and mp3 song too.

Each of the animals visit a family and say “hello” in different languages – Bonjour, Ohayo, Ni hao, Kia Ora, G’Day – this is great educational value and creates learning by fun. It’s also an action song with a catchy melody and easy-to-copy movements for children! The song has a very memorable tune and appealing musical arrangement.

We’re very excited to have just released this second complete set of an original book, CD, mp3 song, toys and animated videos as it’s a unique combination in the children’s fun learning and entertainment world! It follows “Black and White Cow” which was our first complete set (book, CD, mp3 song, animated videos and plush toy cow).

Below is a preview of some inside pages of the book. Don’t forget too that these are the books with CDs donated to children-in-need and your purchase directly helps our book donation program to children in need!

Below is a preview of the fun animated sing-along video which matches the book and song. Also included in this 11 product pack of book, CD, 2 videos, mp3 and 6 finger puppets is the original version of the video which has no lyrics onscreen.


11 Products! Book, CD, 2 Videos, 6 Finger Puppets & mp3 Song PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

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