• Five Green Monkeys Singalong Video

Sing-along counting monkey song video. And it has catchy Caribbean style music with an action-packed colourful animated video. The story is about 5 green monkeys who engage in funny antics. As well as counting both down and up,  it shows subtraction and addition in a visual way using the five monkeys as they get up to mischief. This video is a favourite of little songsters and the lyrics are on-screen for extra fun. This is great for children who can read or are learning to read and there’s lots of action in this appealing video!

Why buy this monkey song video?

You can play it without ads and without being connected to the internet or using data with a one-off purchase at this low price! And the bonus is that your purchase is supporting children in need as the proceeds go to our community book donation program! Available from the website or iTunes.

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Five Green Monkeys Singalong Video