Learning About Musical Instruments: Duke of York





The Grand Old Duke of York is an uplifting song that makes you want to march around the room! This is the Rainbows and Sunshine version of a fun children’s nursery rhyme…. but we take it new heights. This song teaches children to count down by thousands – 10,000 to 9,000 to 8,000 etc. until the Duke of York is left to march all by himself. And along the way we teach children about the instruments they hear during the song with an explanation of each one during that instrument’s solo. Learning about musical instruments in the context of a children’s song is a great way to develop auditory skills too. It’s a fun and educational experience at the same time….. just the way we love it to be!

This song is available here for just $1.99 as an mp3 download and is also available on iTunes.

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These songs are available individually here or on iTunes and they are all on our album “Rainbows and Sunshine” which has 15 songs and 51 minutes of fun music to sing, dance and move to!