Black and White Cow SOFT PLUSH TOY


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“Moooo”, the black and white cow soft toy is plush and cuddly! She wears the Rainbows and Sunshine logo on her tummy, and she has stitched eyes for safety (not buttons). Moooo is 21cm / 8¼ inches and is adored by children young and older too!

Moooo accompanies the Black and White Cow Set (Book, Song and Videos) and songs and appears in many of the Rainbows and Sunshine videos! The two books are “Black and White Cow” and “Toodle Toodely Doo”.  Every product is available separately or packaged in matching sets of book/song/videos/toys.

The complete Black and White Cow set has 6 products – the 24 page book, CD, downloadable mp3 songs, 2 videos and the cuddly plush soft toy cow! Included are also suggestions for how to use these products to encourage learning and cognition and we’ve lots of feedback about how much fun these sets are! 

The Toodle Toodely Doo set has 11 products because instead of the soft toy cow, it includes 6 super cute finger puppets to match the characters in the book, video and song – these characters come to visit and say “hello” in different languages (Bonjour, Ohayo, Kia Ora or Hola depending on whether you choose the Australian/New Zealand version or the international version), Ni hao, and G’Day! The children characters put the animals into the house…. until there’s no room for anyone else! What happens next? Mmmmm?! Should we tell?!

ABOVE IS A PREVIEW OF THE VIDEO THAT INSPIRED MOOOO’s CREATION (click on the play button in the centre).

You can watch the Black and White Cow video, and our other fun and educational kids’ videos, on YouTube! Go to Rainbows and Sunshine Kids Music. Or follow this link to our YouTube Channel:

As well as these videos, Moooo is also a character in the following songs – Row Row Row Your Boat (yes, our twist on a traditional children’s favourite!), Wide Mouth Frog which is a funny joke song and Old MacDonald Had a Farm (just follow the SONGS menu above).

The Rainbows and Sunshine songs are also played on ABC Kids Listen, Kinderling Radio, iHeart Radio, and major streaming stations such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.