Black and White Cow Book and Song

Black and White Cow – BOOK AND SONG


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Click on the image below to see a preview of the Black and White Cow Book and Song!

Book and Song Preview: Black and White Cow

Above is a short preview of inside pages of the book (click the centre play button)…..
With colourful and funny illustrations, this educational 21cm x 25.4cm book with song CD is a favourite with children 0 to 7 or 8 years old! Also included is the mp3 download of the song so you can play it easily on your phone, device or computer.
Children are amused by this loveable cow and by the final page and lots of adventures she is a soggy, smelly, sneezy, ringing, swishy, noisy, dirty, munchy, itchy, black and white cow!
Lots of extra learning fun for every age group, such as….. find Butty the Butterfly hidden on each page, or identify the shapes on the barn, predict the new word added cumulatively from the clues, and lots more. Look for tips and ideas on our website about how to use the book for extra fun and learning opportunities.
And the bonus is that every purchase provides funds for the reprinting of these exact books and CDs which are given as donations to children in need. Your support directly enables gifts to children in need!
This book is also part of the complete Black and White Cow 6 PRODUCT SET which contains the 24 page book above, the song CD, mp3 song download, 2 matching animated videos, and a large soft plush toy cow for the great price of $53.90. Included also are suggestions for how to use this whole suite of learning and fun products which encourage children’s imagination and creativity, sensory awareness, cognition, language and communication; enhancing auditory, visual and tactile senses; encouraging fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination through participation in the actions; building listening skills; moving learning and development forward… so many benefits of the matching books, songs, videos and toys. Details here….
CLICK ON THE CENTRE PLAY BUTTON below to see a short preview of the matching “Black and White Cow” video, available separately for just $4.50 or as part of the 6 PRODUCT Black and White Cow complete matching set ….
 Video Preview: Black and White Cow
Black and White Cow 6 Product Set
Black and White Cow 6 Product Set $53.90
Also available and featuring this adorable black and white cow again is an 11 product set Toodle Toodely Doo – details below:
Toodle Toodely Doo 11 Product Set
Toodle Toodely Doo 11 Product Set $53.90