• Book, CD, mp3 & Cuddly Soft Plush Cow 4 PRODUCTS plus FREE SHIPPING!

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Click on the link below to see a short preview of inside pages of the book. And don’t forget there’s also a 3D animation which matches this book and cow….. go to our videos page to see the “Black and White Cow” in action!

Packaged together for great value – the 24 page colourful, beautifully illustrated book AND cuddly soft plush toy cow “Moooo” give many hours of enjoyment and comfort! Take “Moooo” in the car, she’s great to cuddle in bed, talk with at playtime and loves to be involved in her story!  “Moooo” features in both “Black and White Cow” and “Toodle Toodely Doo”.

For every book/CD and cow purchased a book is donated to a child who is disadvantaged or sick and enables our program to continue!

Colourful 21cm x 25.4cm soft-cover book with CD.
Easy read-aloud story with hilarious illustrations and large print for grandparents.
Children are highly amused by this loveable cow and by the final page she is a soggy, smelly, sneezy, ringing, swishy, noisy, dirty, munchy, itchy, black and white cow!
Lots of extra fun such as….. find Butty the Butterfly hidden on each page, or look for the shapes on the barn, count the haystacks, try to predict the new word added with each clue given, or simply enjoy reading through the story. Loved by children 0 to 7 years.
Look for tips and ideas on our website about how to use the book for extra fun and learning opportunities.

We enjoy receiving photos and videos of little ones reading to Moooo. And we’ve received by email some fun photos of Moooo in far-reaching and interesting parts of the world with her owner! Keep them coming because we love to see them!

And don’t forget that your purchase also helps children in need with our community book donation program!

The following link shows a short preview of the matching Black and White Cow videos which are also available! There is both an original version and a sing-along version with the words onscreen.

Book, CD, mp3 & Cuddly Soft Plush Cow 4 PRODUCTS plus FREE SHIPPING!

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