Are You Ready? Action SONG and DANCE


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Are you ready to do this action song and dance?

You can hear this song by clicking on the play button of the image BELOW……and it’s one of the songs on our album Rainbows and Sunshine! Available to buy here, or on iTunes.

Fun action song called “Are You Ready?” and perfect for 2 to 5 year old little songsters! They follow the cues and clap their hands, stamp their feet, twist their back, turn around. Then it’s time to waggle and wriggle their arms, waving to the left and right, high and low! Can’t forget the legs though! Bending left, right, fast and slow and all about. The little songsters will then have fun waggling their hips left right and side to side.

This is a fabulous song for learning to take cues and follow the verbal actions. It teaches concentration, listening and auditory skills, body awareness and sensory perception, and of course co-ordination. The song also encourages creative movement and artistic licence so children can fully express the actions! They are asked to be a kangaroo, an emu, a chicken and a monkey in the song….. this really encourages imagination.

The music is itself has interesting and fun syncopated rhythms – we love to give little songsters variety and some sophistication –  it has great harmonies, and is easy to sing with too!

Click on the image below to hear the song….. and click on the Add to Cart to buy this at $1.99 with the proceeds going to Rainbows and Sunshine’s community donation program.

Another action song loved by children 2 to 5 years old is The Alphabet Dance – they can learn the alphabet – both forwards and backwards – and do the action song at the same time. Also fabulous for co-ordination, body awareness, listening and following cues, creativity, building confidence and imagination.

Other action songs in our product range especially for 2 to 5 years include Row Row Row Your Boat, Incy Wincy SpiderThe Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with its extra Rainbows and Sunshine verses about the sun, the moon, a satellite and a rocket ship! These songs and many more are on our album “Rainbows and Sunshine” which has 51 minutes and 15 songs to enjoy. 

They lyrics to our songs are on our website too. Just follow the menu “Lyrics” at the top.

Also available are videos, books and our signature products which are complete matched sets of book, CD, mp3 song, 2 videos and toys for the characters in the song/book/videos set! These are Black and White Cow and Toodle Toodely Doo.