ALBUM DIGITAL DOWNLOAD 17 Great Songs for 0 to 7s!

The exciting brand new release of our album contains 15 amazing and popular children’s songs.


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The exciting brand new release of our album contains 15 amazing and popular children’s songs. Everything from nursery rhymes and favourites to our original fun, catchy songs. Studio recorded with professional musicians, these quality productions cover many genres of music styles: swing, rock, country bluegrass, rockabilly, lullaby, Caribbean, marching, and many more to create variety, interest and provide an educational and broad musical experience for little ones from newborn to around 7 years.

The nursery rhymes and traditional favourites have our extra and unique verses so that they’re fun singalong story-songs. And they are still easy to sing along with because the original verses are also retained. The Rainbows and Sunshine original songs include song-stories about animals, colours, clothes, the body, cars, buses, boats, the alphabet, numbers and learning about musical instruments and saying “hello” in other languages!

The album is available as a download from our website and also from iTunes. Six of the songs have matching videos too….. once you’ve heard the songs look for the matching animated videos which bring the songs to life on the screen! And if you prefer a CD to play, this is also available from our website.

The songs on the album are:

Row Row Row Your Boat (interactive children’s song with lots of extra fun verses – easy to singalong and participate).

Incy Wincy Spider (our story of a spider with an attitude and a cute, interjecting voice, who keeps finding spouts to climb).

The Alphabet Dance (do the actions to this funky song about the letters of the alphabet. There’s 3D animated videos to match available).

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (a kids’ favourite with our original verses about the sun, moon, a satellite and a rocket ship. Lullaby music.)

Toodle Toodely Doo (song-story about animals visiting and saying “hello” in different languages, this song encourages actions and has a catchy and memorable tune. Also available are matching animated videos, a book and finger puppets for the animals in the song).

Black and White Cow (accumulating verses that mean by the end of the song she’s a soggy, smelly, sneezy,
ringing, swishy, noisy, dirty, munchy, itchy black and white cow. This song also has matching animated videos, a book and a plush toy cow).

The Wheels on the Bus (a much-loved children’s favourite with a fun commentary).

Wide Mouth Frog (a cool soundtrack and vocal animals who have lots to say to this frog. And grownups also love the joke at the end of this song!).

Ten in the Bed (twist on the original with 10 animals in the bed and a funny commentary by them between the sung verses).

Beep Jeep (story in song, rockabilly music style, about a little car whose wheels become feet and his mirrors become beachballs. Then his roof becomes an umbrella and there’s a surprise ending for the steering wheel! Accompanying animated videos – original and singalong versions are available too).

Your Clothes (oom-pah slapstick style with a funny green monkey band – where do clothes belong on you? Do gloves really go on your ears? Animated videos available – original and singalong versions with lyrics onscreen).

The Grand Old Duke of York (kids love to march to this music as they learn about the sounds and look of the musical instruments featured in the song).

Five Green Monkeys (a counting song about five monkey friends who have lots of adventures. Captivating Caribbean style music).

Are You Ready? (shake and clap your hands; stamp your feet; waggle, wave and swing your arms; twist, and turn around. Listen to the cues and do the actions!).

Old MacDonald Had A Farm (bouncy and fun in a country bluegrass music style for little ones, this kids’ favourite is easy to sing along with and has great sound effects from the Rainbows and Sunshine animals. Here’s a hint….listen for the scarecrow too!)


The Alphabet Dance (Zee Version) This version pronounces the letter “Z” as “Zee” instead of “Zed”.

Toodle Toodely Doo (International Version) Here the sheep comes to visit and says “Hola” in the international version instead of “Kia Ora” as in the original version that’s especially for the children living in Australia and New Zealand.

Track List Downloadable Album
Track List for Downloadable Album




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