Black and White Cow 6 Product Set



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The complete 6 product bundle for “Black and White Cow” contains a colourful 21cm x 25.4cm book with song CD, AND “Moooo” the 21cm lovable cuddly soft plush cow toy, PLUS two 3D animated videos (one has the lyrics onscreen as a singalong version) and  also the mp3 song to download! This is a unique combination of matching products for that ultimate sensory visual, audio and tactile sensory experience for children – and they are all together for you at a great price.

Easy read-aloud story with hilarious illustrations and large print for grandparents!
A unique opportunity to have a set of products that grow with your child and provide hours of fun, entertainment and learning.

The Perfect Newborn Gift or for the Kids 2 to 7 who love Books and Songs, Toys, and Stories that come to life!

Many customers have bought – and loved –  this “total experience set” as a newborn gift because parents get value and use right from newborn stage – new babies love hearing a story from a book or hearing a song – through to toddler cuddling the plush toy cow (a favourite bedtime cuddler), then later experiencing the song and book come to life with the videos which match all the other products!

The Story

Children love this cow with personality and the adventures she gets up to – by the final page she is a soggy, smelly, sneezy, ringing, swishy, noisy, dirty, munchy, itchy, black and white cow!

Tips and Ideas for You

Lots of extra fun such as….. find the Butterfly hidden on each page, or look for the shapes on the barn, count the haystacks, try to predict the new word added with each clue given, or simply enjoy reading through the story. Look for suggestions on our website about how to use the complete set for extra fun and learning opportunities – see the menu “Tips and Ideas”.
Click below for an inside look at the book, and hear the song that is part of this complete set.
And if you click on the following image, the first video is one of the Black and White Cow videos that’s in the set. Your copy of course does not have ads or promotions. And you can then play them easily on your devices anytime and offline.

A complete set of products featuring our black and white cow with a huge personality!

Did you know we have another complete set?
“Toodle Toodely Doo” – it’s an exciting 11 PRODUCT SET, complete with 6 super cute finger puppets.
Add Black and White Cow to your cart and then check out this set by clicking on the image below. Kids LOVE this set too!

Toodle Toodely Doo 11 Product Set


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