This fun-filled 51 minute album of popular, favourite and original songs is much loved by kids (and just quietly, adults too!) We’ve filled the album with familiar singalong favourites, dance, action and movement pieces, song-stories, and fun learning listening music!

The appealing themes include cars, buses, boats, numbers, clothes, learning about musical instruments, saying “hello” in other languages, the alphabet, etc…..have YOU ever tried to sing the alphabet backwards?

The varied styles entertain and educate, and keep the listening interesting and engaging. You can hear Caribbean, rock, swing, country bluegrass, rockabilly, lullaby, marching music and every song is professionally studio-produced in Australia.

The album is available here on our website as a download or CD, and also from iTunes. And you can find it on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc. Many of the songs are on our YouTube Channel too: Rainbows and Sunshine. We believe in making our music available to as many children as possible! No postage costs on the album download of course. And flat rate postage of $4.90 (within Australia) on posted items.

EACH SONG IS AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY, as below, or buy all 15 with 2 Bonus Tracks as a digital download album.

So why buy the album?  Rainbows and Sunshine is a community-based organisation that donates its books, music, toys and videos to disadvantaged and sick children throughout the world. This program of donations started in December 2016 and we are proud to say that many thousands of dollars of our products have been given to children-in-need. With your support of buying our products, the donation program continues to grow!

DO YOU KNOW ALSO….Many of the songs have matching BOOKS, VIDEOS, and accompanying TOYS! That is something really special and designed to give kids even more fun with the songs!

Or you can purchase a signature set which is super value and contains ALL the matching products for that song. Check out the signature sets Black and White Cow” and  “Toodle Toodely Doo” – kids love them both!


Two of our songs come as complete matching sets to engage, entertain, and encourage kids’ overall development and cognition through a multi-sensory experience.

BLACK AND WHITE COW has a 6 product set with the 2 black and white cow videos, the matching book with song CD and mp3 download, plus a large soft plush toy cow – for a total engagement of experience.

TOODLE TOODELY DOO has an 11 product set with the 2 Toodle videos, the matching book with song CD and mp3 download, and 6 cute finger puppets. The puppets are the animal characters who come to say “hello” in different languages in the book, videos and song. These sets are much loved by children and provide a unique activity experience that grows with the children and takes them to each new developmental step.

AND FOR THE ULTIMATE ‘PLAY AND LEARN’ EXPERIENCE: Our ULTIMATE PLAY AND LEARN 18 PIECE SET combines the BLACK AND WHITE COW SET, the TOODLE TOODELY DOO SET, and also includes the 15-SONG (51 minute) ALBUM (many of which have matching animation videos) so your child can grow with this fun-based sequential learning pack using the multi-sensory, matching themed products which are introduced at each appropriate developmental stage. The combination of the hands-on product, integrated with digital product, means that children can explore their own creativity and imagination for ongoing brain stimulation, develop their varied senses and build neural pathways for cognition. This is a full integration of how a child can play and learn with a product using all forms of media – something that is very relevant to families today, and reflects the expectations and realities of today’s child.