EXCITING NEWS! Our album has just been released….15 fun, catchy singalong songs including original songs, popular nursery rhymes, favourites, lullabies, action and dance numbers. 51 minutes of music for children to enjoy! Studio recorded in Australia with professional musicians, diverse styles of music entertain and educate. There’s Caribbean, rock, swing, country bluegrass, rockabilly, lullaby, Caribbean, marching, and many more.

The nursery rhymes and traditional favourites have our extra and unique verses so that they’re fun and interesting singalong story-songs. The Rainbows and Sunshine original songs include songs about animals, colours, clothes, the body, cars, buses, boats, the alphabet, numbers and learning about musical instruments and saying “hello” in other languages!

The album is available as a download from our website directly, from our retailers or iTunes. Six of the songs have matching animated videos too and these bring the songs to life on the screen!

Capturing the imagination of children, our fun kids’ songs and quality musical arrangements tell stories with sound effects through song and allow children to build pictures in their mind – they are interactive, fun and educational! They encourage language, comprehension, speech, imagination, cognition, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, as well as social, emotional and physical development.

Two of our original songs have a complete matching sets to the songs: colourful printed books (song CD and downloadable mp3 included), 2 x 3D animated videos, and matching character toys. Details are under the menu BOOKS AND TOYS and the two matching sets are Black and White Cow (a 6 Product matching set) and Toodle Toodely Doo (an 11 product matching set).

The accompanying videos to the songs are high quality 3D animations for both educational content and enjoyment. Sing along video versions with the lyrics onscreen are available and also toys that match the songs and videos – this is a unique combinations in children’s entertainment and education and a complete sensory package: auditory, visual and tactile!

All products compliment each other with familiar, consistent themes and characters, and each product is available individually – the books (with songs included), animated videos, mp3 songs, and toys. And the complete matching sets are fantastic value – they make a wonderful gift for children!