Rainbows and Sunshine’s colourful and engaging BOOKS come with their matching song included, and kids LOVE to hear the song while looking at the book!

AND there are matching character TOYS for each of the books!

Plus there’s even MORE! Each book can come to life with its own two animated VIDEOS, telling the story in movement and song with adorable animated characters!

In this way we provide the complete engaging, interactive, learning experience that grows with children. Everything is designed to give them a complete sensory experience:  auditory, visual, tactile, and these activities also enhance imagination, engagement, language, learning, cognition, motor co-ordination, and many more developmental skills.

We’ve made everything available separately so you can build on the range as you wish. Or you can buy a signature set which is super value and contains all the matching products for that story. Check out the signature sets “Black and White Cow” and “Toodle Toodely Doo” – kids love them both!


Two of our books with songs are available as complete matching sets to engage, entertain, and encourage kids’ overall development and cognition with a multi-sensory experience.

BLACK AND WHITE COW has a 6 product set with the 2 black and white cow videos, the matching book with song CD and mp3 download, plus a large soft plush toy cow – for a total engagement of experience.

TOODLE TOODELY DOO has an 11 product set with the 2 Toodle videos, the matching book with song CD and mp3 download, and 6 cute finger puppets. The puppets are the animal characters who come to say “hello” in different languages in the book, videos and song. These sets are much loved by children and provide a unique activity experience that grows with the children and takes them to each new developmental step.

Plus… your purchase provides the funds for our ongoing donations of books, videos, toys and music to disadvantaged and sick children throughout the world. This program of donations has been in place since December 2016 and we are proud to say that many thousands of dollars of our products have found their way to children-in-need. With your support the donation program continues to grow!