Rainbows and Sunshine signature products are our complete matching sets of books with CDs, 3D animated song videos, downloadable songs, and accompanying toys!

Everything is also available separately, such as our children’s song books, original and singalong videos, toys, songs, the 15 song Rainbows and Sunshine album, as well as our signature matching sets.

“Black and White Cow” and “Toodle Toodely Doo” are two of our complete matching sets of products for children – the lyrics of the songs match the words in the book, and the videos have these same sung words and pictures…. but moving and animated!

The “Toodle Toodely Doo” complete set has a book, song-story CD, 2 x 3D animated videos, mp3 song download and 6 super-cute finger puppets which match the 6 animals characters who come to visit the family in the song….. each animal says “hello” in a different language! Each of these items is also available individually. There’s a song and video version especially for Australia/New Zealand and another international version for our little friends outside these countries!

Many customers buy the “Toodle Toodely Doo” total experience set as a gift for toddlers and young children upwards because it’s great value across a whole range of stages and development. Very young children love the book with its colourful pages, and enjoy the story of the animals. Watching the matching videos bring the book and song to life by adding another sensory dimension, and the 6 animal finger puppets enable role play of the animals from the book, song and story which completes the total engagement and participation activity package. And through each experience in the set are the learning and educational aspects, something that is much valued by parents.

The “Black and White Cow” complete set has the book, song-story CD, 2 x 3D animated videos, mp3 song download and a 21cm cuddly soft plush toy cow to match the main character. Each product can also be bought separately. Many customers have bought – and loved – this “total experience set” as a newborn gift because parents get value and use right from newborn stage – new babies love hearing a story from a book or hearing a song – through to toddler cuddling the plush toy cow (a favourite bedtime cuddler), then later experiencing the song and book come to life with the videos which match!

The characters such as the cow, duck, sheep, monkeys, giraffe, children, etc. also re-appear in our many other 3D animated videos and songs so the toys carry across to lots of our material and children love this familiarity! Because of this unique combination they become a total sensory educational engaging experience, as well as every product deserving the fun entertainment and developmental/educational badge of excellence. You can see our other videos and songs from the menu titles VIDEOS or SONGS.

So we have an entire interactive, fun and learning experience for children – singing, reading, vocal play, pretend play, dance, musical activities, creative movement – at the same time stimulating and building children’s imagination, language, cognition, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, listening, coordination, and social, emotional,and physical development.

Plus… your purchase provides the funds for the printing of books (with songs) which are donated to disadvantaged and sick children throughout the world. The program of donation has been in place since December 2016 and we are proud of the fact that so many of our books with songs, and videos have found their way to children-in-need. With your support the donation program continues to grow!