Rainbows and Sunshine Donation Program

Rainbows and Sunshine is an organisation formed in 2016 for the donation of its books (songs included), music, and matching animated videos and toys to children who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or sick and the organisations, social service agencies, health and community facilities that support them.

Donations are made to hospitals, child protective service agencies, disability support organisations, community centres, children’s charities, homeless family support services, women’s shelters, and other organisations that help children affected by homelessness, disability, poverty, abuse, illness, trauma, or disadvantaged family circumstances.

We also sell these same products and every purchase of our books, videos, songs and toys, including those through this website, retailers, iTunes, etc. provides the funds for these donations – all proceeds and revenue received by Rainbows and Sunshine are invested into this volunteer-run donation program. We love it when you buy and YOU get a warm fuzzy feeling and beautiful, quality kids’ products as well.

We appreciate our customers’, sponsors’ and partners’ support, not only through their purchases but also by everyone spreading the word through family, friends and social media. Every purchase of books, videos, songs, activities and toys, including those through this website or retailers, and our much appreciated sponsors and partnerships  enables these donations.


Please consider purchasing a selection of our children’s products to donate to your favourite children’s charity. We’re happy to help you decide on the best books, music, toys or activities for the children in your charity-of-choice. We provide these products at special discounted pricing to enable as many products as possible to go the children who need them most.

Many children have been given the gift of joy through books, music, soft plush toy cows, puppets and other toys directly donated from Rainbows and Sunshine. Additionally, generous individuals, companies, and businesses continue to sponsor donations or partner with us to donate these special products to a children’s charity of their choice, further enabling this program of giving books, music plus complementing activities and toys to sick, disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

Are you, as an individual, business or company able to help by buying and donating some ‘Rainbows and Sunshine’ fun to children in need? Please email us at and we’ll make that happen for you.

Do follow and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram – come and stalk us on Insta – we’re really happy if you accidentally like a picture from six months ago! We love it too if you subscribe to our YouTube Channel featuring the Rainbows and Sunshine videos and songs, you could volunteer your services, or buy any of our products for yourself, as gifts to family or friends (especially loved by parents of newborns), or buy and donate our products to children-in-need yourself.

The team and Board of Advisors at Rainbows and Sunshine work as volunteers. We strongly support local business by employing local artists, musicians, printers, manufacturers and suppliers and we’re proud to say that all of our products are designed locally and nearly all of our products are fully Australian made. Supportive sponsors and partners of the program are very much appreciated and you can see their details below.

Since publication of the first book, “Black and White Cow” in late December 2016, thousands of children’s products  such as books, songs, toys, and videos have been donated to organisations such as:

The Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne, Victoria), Ronald McDonald House (Parkville, Victoria and Queensland), Gold Coast University Hospital for their day and inpatient children’s wards, Royal Hobart Hospital (Tasmania), the Paediatric Department of Townsville Hospital and Health Service, the Paediatric Oncology Department of the Toowoomba Hospital (Toowoomba Hospital Foundation), Lismore Base Hospital Paediatric Ward, The Pyjama Foundation (Townsville and Gold Coast, Queensland), Baby Give Back, Hope for our Children (Toowoomba City Care, Qld, providing backpacks filled with products for children in foster care), homeless and disadvantaged family support organisations (Gold Coast, Queensland and overseas), government-run child protective service agencies e.g., the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Australia) and The Ministry for Vulnerable Children – Oranga Tamariki (New Zealand), Salvation Army, The Sanctuary (women’s, children’s and pet’s shelter), Paradise Kids (Gold Coast, Queensland), book and toy libraries and play centres in the general community and disadvantaged areas in Australia and New Zealand (Queenstown, South Island), community-led music education programs, Isolated School Education (Northern Territory), villages in Nepal, and many other community organisations supporting children-in-need.

Below is an excerpt from a thank you letter received by us from the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, in appreciation of the ongoing donations of our children’s products to them:

“Thank you so much for your amazing support of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation now and in the past. We are so fortunate to have these lovely books and music to share with sick children and their families who have stayed at Gold Coast University Hospital.

We distributed the lovely goodies to the Nurse Unit Manager in the Children’s Inpatient Unit to distribute to sick children and also with the Mum’s staying in the Lavender Unit. The unit provides specialist care for women who require admission to hospital for significant mental health difficulties in the first year following childbirth that impact on their ability to function in everyday life and to care for their child.”

And from Baby Give Back:

Received with extreme gratitude and thanks for the donation of books, songs, videos, CDs and digital albums at our Gold Coast warehouse. This donation will assist Baby Give Back support local families facing hardship by providing vulnerable children with these items. Thank you for sharing our belief that every baby deserves a safe start to life.

These following images introduce a few organisation representatives holding some of the books, songs videos, and toys Rainbows and Sunshine donated…..

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

Donation to Baby Give Back

Recipient Organisations of our Donations

Donation Recipients

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We acknowledge and thank the businesses, professional advisors, development team, and the imaginative and dedicated creative people who are also committed to the Rainbows and Sunshine children-in-need donation program. They contribute with invaluable sponsorship, partnerships, or with their resources, time, expertise, support, or donate their services and goods. Their generosity is very much appreciated in enabling this program and if you have the opportunity to also support them please do so. Please click on their logo to read more.

Giving a shout out to Hana Intimates for their generosity! After reading an article about a donation of Rainbows and Sunshine children’s books, songs and videos to a local women’s shelter Hana Intimates couriered to them a whole bunch of their new bamboo clothing as a donation to the women who arrive there, often with only the clothes they are wearing, their children, and the dog. What a lovely gesture!