Our Story

Rainbows and Sunshine Since 2016

Rainbows and Sunshine produces children’s songs, 3D animated children’s videos, illustrated story books based on the songs (included as a CD or download), and toys for the age group 0 to 7 years. Our purpose is to donate books with the matching songs to children who are disadvantaged, underprivileged or sick and the organisations/health and community services that support them e.g., hospitals, child protection agencies, disability support and homeless family support organisations, community centres, women’s and children’s shelters/refuges, churches, children’s charities, etc.

Every purchase of books, videos, songs and toys, including those through this website, retailers, iTunes, etc. provides the funds for the ongoing production of products for these donations. We work as volunteers and have self-funded this social enterprise. To each of our valued customers and supporters who purchase products, follow and share us on social media, or offer practical support – our sincere thanks go to you. We would appreciate if you would also follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and subscribe on our YouTube Channel!

Our current range consists of 13 animated song videos (4 of which match the books), 17 songs, 2 illustrated books with included CDs/mp3 song downloads, accompanying toys, and our first album of songs (available as a download on iTunes or from our website, or as a CD). Each song, 3D animation, book and toy is created to be entertaining, fun, interactive, engaging and educational. We cover many different genres of music for variety, music education and interest and produce quality studio recordings with funny sound effects and comments to make the songs appealing! There are entertaining Rainbows and Sunshine originals and traditional favourites such as “Incy Wincy Spider”, “Old MacDonald”, “Twinkle”, etc. but with our special and unique extra verses for fun! There are tips and ideas on our website for parents, grandparents, carers, educators, and group leaders.

Rainbows and Sunshine began this program by professionally recording original children’ s songs and producing high quality 3D animations for the birth to seven year old age group in 2016. Books (with CDs or downloads included) and toys to match the song and videos of  “Black and White Cow” and “Toodle Toodely Doo” were then released meaning that there were complete sets for these songs! For example, “Black and White Cow” has a plush toy cow and “Toodle Toodely Doo” has a set of 6 finger puppets to match the 6 animals who, in the story,  come to visit the family and say “Hello” in different languages (great educational value!) These matched sets provide a complete sensory experience for children. And the characters reappear throughout our products.

The first books were published in late December 2016 and donations started on day one to homeless children living in cars and other disadvantaged children in the local area of Queensland, Australia. Since then thousands of dollars of books, music and toys have been delivered to children through organisations such as the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne, Victoria), Ronald McDonald House (Parkville, Victoria), Gold Coast University Hospital, Paradise Kids (Gold Coast, Queensland), The Pyjama Foundation (Townsville and Gold Coast, Queensland), homeless family support organisations (Gold Coast, Queensland), government-run child protective service agencies e.g., Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Aust) and The Ministry for Vulnerable Children – Oranga Tamariki (New Zealand), Salvation Army, The Sanctuary (women’s, children’s and pet’s shelter), the Paediatric Department of The Townsville Hospital and Health Service, book and toy libraries, music education programs, Isolated School Education (Northern Territory), villages in Nepal, and many, many other community organisations supporting children in need.

We believe that all children deserve access to great books and music and the opportunity to develop a life-long love of reading and music and so we combine both in our products for them.

What makes our products UNIQUE? We have produced – to MATCH – original high quality children’s books with animated videos that also have singalong versions, plus the CD of the song and the mp3 song download PLUS the toys that go with the animals in the book, videos and songs! So it’s an entire interactive, fun, sensory and learning experience for children – singing, reading, vocal play, pretend play, dance, musical activities, creative movement – at the same time stimulating children’s imagination, language, visual, auditory and tactile senses, and encouraging their cognitive, social, emotional, motor skills and physical development.

The Founder and Creative Director of Rainbows and Sunshine is a parent whose career has included professional musician and long-established educator and lecturer in the field of early childhood education and child development; she is experienced and practiced also in international approaches to music, creative movement and drama. Working for Rainbows and Sunshine in a voluntary capacity she uses her  knowledge and experience in the field of early childhood education and music, psychology degree and music qualifications,to ensure that each product is fun, entertaining, educational, high quality and simultaneously offers creative, developmental, sensory and learning opportunities.

Black and White Cow – downloadable song, 2 x fully animated music videos, book, CD and 21cm plush toy cow
Toodle Toodely Doo – downloadable song, 2 x fully animated music videos, book, CD and 6 character finger puppets (Australian/N.Z. version and International version)
Five Green Monkeys (Counting song) – downloadable song and 2 x 3D animated music videos
Your Clothes  (Colours and clothing, comical) – downloadable song and 2 x fully animated music videos with a cute oompah band.
Beep Jeep – downloadable song and 2 x fully animated music videos
The Alphabet Dance (Interactive action song to teach the alphabet and 4 x fully animated music videos) – downloadable song available as both a “Zed” and a “Zee” pronunciation version for the letter “Z”.
Row Row Row Your Boat (Funny extended version) – downloadable song
Wide Mouth Frog  (Funny song with a final twist) – downloadable song
Incy Wincy Spider  (Children’s favourite with extra verses) – downloadable song.
Old MacDonald Had a Farm  (Super catchy toe-tapping music) – downloadable song
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  (Traditional favourite with extra fun verses) – downloadable song
The Wheels on the Bus  (Action and creative movement) – downloadable song
The Grand Old Duke of York (Learning to count in thousands, and learning about musical instruments) – downloadable song
Ten in the Bed (Features our reappearing animal characters) – downloadable song
Are You Ready? (Action and movement) – downloadable song

eBooks soon to be released….


A number of imaginative and dedicated creative people, businesses, advisors, and retailers, who are also committed to the book, song and video donation program, contribute their resources, time, sponsorship, support or expertise voluntarily or donate their products or services, and their generosity is much appreciated.