Rainbows and  Sunshine is a program formed for the donation of its books, with the songs included, to children who are disadvantaged or sick and the organisations/health and community facilities that support them. This is done through hospitals,  child protective services, disability support organisations, community centres, women’s shelters, children’s charities, homeless family support services, etc.

For every book sold a book and CD is donated to a child in need and the gift packs with book, song, videos and toys enable even more books and CDs to be donated. The funds from individual purchases of videos, songs and toys also go to the book and song donation program.

Already since publication of the first book, “Black and White Cow” in late December 2016, thousands of dollars of book, CD, song and video donations have been made to the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne), Ronald McDonald House (Parkville, Victoria), Toy and Book Libraries in general community and disadvantaged areas throughout Australia and New Zealand, music and play centres (Queenstown, South Island, N.Z.), Community Centres in Australia and N.Z., homeless and disadvantaged children via Church outreach programs (South-East Queensland and overseas), kindergartens, Isolated School Education (Northern Territory), The Pyjama Foundation (Townsville), Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki (New Zealand), the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland, Australia) and many more…..even as far-reaching as Nepal.

To all those who have purchased, follow us and continue to purchase the Rainbows and Sunshine products – we thank you for your support of this very worthwhile cause.

Some of the organisations supporting children who are recipients of our first books, songs and videos.



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A number of imaginative and dedicated creative people, local businesses, advisors, and retailers, who are also committed to the book and song donation program, contribute their resources, time, sponsorship, support or expertise voluntarily or donate their services, and their generosity is much appreciated.

Sponsors of the Rainbows and Sunshine Community Book Donation Program